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《Philia & Mason Studio》

The founding purpose of Philia & Mason Studio is to create precious memories for people. We are dedicated to capturing the most authentic and touching moments.

Photography is not just a job but also a passion and a way of life. We want to share this passion and beauty with you, ensuring that your memories will last forever.

Philia, derived from ancient Greek, represents love in different relationships, particularly the most precious and complex kind of love. It allows people to experience the purest and most sincere emotions, like a beacon illuminating every corner of our souls.

Mason, the name of a stonemason, symbolizes silent construction and dedication, gradually building something beautiful, piece by piece. Each meticulously carved ancient city, weathered by time, still maintains its unique charm and allure.

The combination of the two represents two individuals coming together to establish and contribute to various types of relationships. Whether it’s supportive friendship, love shared hand in hand, or profound family bonds, there is a heartfelt connection between each other.

Philia & Mason Studio believes that the recording of photos or videos allows us to freeze memories in that instant. Our goal is to fill each photograph with emotions and stories because every photo represents an important memory for you.

Everyone has their own beautiful story, and our job is to tell these stories through photographs. When you open the box of memories in the future, you will be able to relive those moments. Let’s capture and preserve memories together.


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